Based in the
City of Chandler

Excentual Enterprises is an innovative and flexible developer of new products for industry and the consumer market. Founded in 2003, and with branches located in both Washington state and Arizona, we primarily develop products that other companies bring to market. But, some of our most innovative products are retained and marketed by us through, and for more details.

We are uniquely capable of rapidly developing and prototyping new consumer products that require specialization in areas of electrical, mechanical, plastics, software and apps design. Experienced in High Voltage, Low Voltage, Hi Power, Low Power, Wireless, Bluetooth BLE, automation, robotics, MEMS sensors, 3D printing, remote sensing, LED lighting, Optics, Audio processing, ASICs, and more, we can develop products that require expert and complex integration of these advanced technologies.

Our expanding business always has us looking for new and talented salespersons, distributors and representatives. If you have an interest in us or our products, please feel free to contact us.


Solar Generators

Automatic Garage Door Timer

Static Shock Protection Device
Touchpoint Neuroscience
Touchpoint Neuroscience